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Kato Assos

Kato Assos, Corinthia Prefecture is an hour’s drive from Athens and 15 minute’s drive from Korinthos (Corinth), the nearest sizeable town. Assos is made up of two parts. “Pano” (or upper) Assos and “Kato” (or lower) Assos. Pano Assos has a number of shops and a supermarket and a string of tavernas. Kato Assos is a small seaside port 11 kilometres east of Korinthos. There are regular bus and train links across the Corinth Canal to Korinthos and a high-speed rail link connects Athens (nearest airport) to Korinthos. You can also take a ferry or hydrofoil the slower but beautifully scenic route from Piraeus. From Korinthos, buses and the local trains will take you to Kato Assos on the coast. You may however wish to hire a car as the village is only about an hour from Athens along a clearly marked road.

The small roads linking Pano Assos to Kato Assos are lined with graceful villas, vineyards and orchards producing apricots, oranges, grapes and lemons. Kato Assos has a sandy seabed, clear water whose depth increases gradually, making it excellent swimming for children. All the beaches along this stretch of coastline are a mix of sand and pebbles.


Vrahati, Corinthia Prefecture is a popular resort with Athenians and Corinthians, having numerous restaurants, cafes and bars and a lively nightlife. The sand and pebble beach has a 2006 Blue Flag award. It is only 10km from Corinth and 97km from Athens, about a 75 minute drive.